The MASSIVE risky fantastic roast bonanza!

This one was a stomping supper party! following a weekend of house party fancy dress fun with the pony club, we badly needed our vitamins replenishing. there was a hardcore selection of eleven items on our nosebag menu.
*LARGE honey and mustard roast chicken topped with bacon.
*Pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon)
*Bread sauce
*Leeks in a cheese sauce
*Broccoli and spinach
*carrots boiled in orange juice
*Honey and mustard roast parsnips
*Parsnip mash
*redcurrant jelly
*roast courgette

*pud was rasberry and strawbery mouse.

Then those of us who could still move went over the road to racks for a reasuringly expensive free pint of stela. We ended the evening with the film " Its All Gone Pete Tong" is a hillarious tragedy. Five words = I MUST KILL MY BADGER.

mabey I forgot somthing - will update with pics a.s.a.p
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Bacon, Broccoli, Mushroom and Créme Fraiche Pie

A hearty yet delicate, rich and creamy dish. We served it with salad, baked red potatoes and white wine. Tonight's top tip? Place an egg cup under the pastry top to stop it from sinking.

Method: Soften a large onion and a clove or two of finely-chopped garlic in a large pan. Then add some florets of broccoli and cover until steamed. Next, add the chopped bacon (which will cook in the steam so there's no need for pre-frying), 2 small (or 1 large) pots of créme fraiche and lots of sliced chestnut mushrooms.

While this lot is cooking, roll out some puff pastry until it's a good few inches larger than the top of the dish you're going to cook the pie in, and place it over the top. Poke a couple of holes in the top and bake on high heat for 10 minutes, then lower the temperature for a final 8 minutes.

Et voila! Un pâté en croûte fait maison délicieux!
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Liver and Bacon

this one is good for the pocket and is hearty and fine!

* one packet of calves, lamb or chicken liver
* one onion
* some cream
* some bacon (i like streaky best)

* swede
* butter
* salt & pepper

* something green

wash and chop liver, then fry with bacon and onion. Add cream after 10 mins. Boil swede until soft then mash it up with plenty o'butter. Season with loads of black pepper and salt. Best served with broccoli or petis pois.

cider goes well with this one.

liver & bacon
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Lazy Sunday roastings...

Tom B heroically cooked us this roast after our intrepid mission to the seedy canalside SWAT! free party. Feeling weak and weary yorkshire puds, roast chicken with all the trimmings was just what we needed to sort us out.

half devoured roast

After ear-bashing techno for nigh on 6 hours we elected to eat in near-silence. A mere 2 cans of kronenberg were swilled down between the six of us.
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