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The MASSIVE risky fantastic roast bonanza!

This one was a stomping supper party! following a weekend of house party fancy dress fun with the pony club, we badly needed our vitamins replenishing. there was a hardcore selection of eleven items on our nosebag menu.
*LARGE honey and mustard roast chicken topped with bacon.
*Pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon)
*Bread sauce
*Leeks in a cheese sauce
*Broccoli and spinach
*carrots boiled in orange juice
*Honey and mustard roast parsnips
*Parsnip mash
*redcurrant jelly
*roast courgette

*pud was rasberry and strawbery mouse.

Then those of us who could still move went over the road to racks for a reasuringly expensive free pint of stela. We ended the evening with the film " Its All Gone Pete Tong" is a hillarious tragedy. Five words = I MUST KILL MY BADGER.

mabey I forgot somthing - will update with pics a.s.a.p
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